Just right for all the good itentions in the new year: 

OneLess helps reaching your selfdefined goal to smoke less cigarettes - and this in a very clear way. 

Each time you smoke a cigarette you just need to startup OneLess and hit the buzzer. 
Depending on your personal limits (which should match the intentions you have for the new year) the buzzer changes color from green to yellow to red. 

The lower part of the screen shows your smoking behavior: 
In Details view each cigarette of the current day; in the other views the daily/weekly/monthly summary as well as the total amount of money you spent for your cigarettes. 

So smoking a few cigarettes less completely refinance the investment for this application. 

Transparency is the best way, to reach your goals! For any questions, suggestions, problems, whatever: oneless (at) on123 (dot) de 

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