PaceCalc pro

Pace Calc pro is a tool for runners - developped for iPhone and iPod Touch. It calculates pace either in min/km or min/mile for a given total time and distance or total time for a given pace and distance with the most intuitive user interface of all pace calculating apps on the appstore.

You can toggle the mode (min/km min/mile) in the settings screen (Where you setup the distances to use.) If you selected more distances to use than can be displayed properly in the segmented control you can scroll the control to left and right.

PaceCalc pro is the advanced version of the free PaceCalc - with one major difference: You can choose which distances to use and even add your own distances.

If you like PaceCalc - You will love PaceCalc pro!

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Thanks for the Icon-Design to Jörg Gartmann.

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